Tuesday, March 25, 2008



The Artful Eye said...

I love this one John. It's reminscent of the old venetian blinds, peering through them at the droplets on the outside.

I think you like having us running around like little mice. Are you missing those mice?

John said...

Andrea, thank you - please walk, do not run ---- it is the way my artful eye sees it.

I do not miss the mice. I miss the sound of the peanut butter trap closing. Nature's sudden tap dance.

Actually, I just wish they would stay outside. I like animals and wanted to be a vet when young.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

This is an intriquing piece. I love the way there is so much intact image in the foreground and colourful splashings in the back. The contrasting lines also draw you in and force you to take a closer look. Interesting to see the image used this way.