Sunday, May 11, 2008



Frances said...

very astroturfy. the green I mean.
For work, I stayed in a strange hotel this time last year with a soccer pitch below my window. My room was at the top of the rows of seats... but I think the grass was real, because I think I remember them cutting it and watering it... or do I? It was at the Ricoh Arena. the place was unreal even if the grass was growing. This year we will be somewhere in Kenilworth for the job.

John said...

I love the word pitch - Marie loves the movie "Bend It Like...." and so I have heard the word often - pitch is a better word than field.

It is amazing how much you have done with the English language over there.

Pax Blogtanica.

Gregory played a game last fall in a pitch with perfect grass (maintianed by a golf course) and he broke his arm doing a slide tackle. Played the rest of the game with a broken arm above the wrist (growth plate) - he played center defence. His coach said later, "I should listen to him when he says he is in pain." The golie is always crying. Greg never cried until after the game ended and then his eyes teared up only. Cost three months of team training he did not use.

These images are my first attenpt at PS. I posted thm to doicumnt progress (someday).

I really appreciate all your best.

Frances said...

Argh about Greg. tough break.
Bend it like Beckham is a great film - I love it too.
When we moved here there was no football for my daughter - and they had to wear shorts for sports. BAD BAD - she loved football at primary school and was used to wearing a track suit. What is primary school in the States?
She is 16 now, so I mourn those little scrap days.
PS How are you finding PS?
NB or not so good?
I think we have absorbed other languages while you have absorbed different ones - so International English is unlike anything either of us speaks. I like those sliding doors of misunderstanding possibilities. Adds texture. Virtual friendship is also goo.d affirms things.

Anonymous said...

PS wil be great although my fear is that I wil get flashier and lose a prinmitive quality.

For enow I am puttering like a thrirteen year old boy hoping to undo on a certain holy grail clasp at a drive in.


Frances said...

heheh - I like the image
I am feeling the same, though without the experience to back it up - using paint - I mean real paint. so difficult - I don't remember how to use it. Digitally I can make lovely colours - in reality I make holy mess.

John said...

the quality of pigment makes all the difference. real paint is hard.